Two Warriors Meadery

A U.S. Army base in Germany may not seem like the most obvious place to dream up a mead (honey wine) business. But for Two Warriors Meadery founders Curtis Sims and Cameron Myers, that's just how it happened.

The two veterans were beekeepers who tried out mead while stationed overseas, and decided to try their hand at producing it for others. Their mead-making methods and flavorings quickly gained attention, which led to them entering regional and national competitions. Since their initial batches in the mid-2010s, they have been winning awards — most notably placing in the top three in the 2017 Mazer Cup, which is the nation's largest mead competition. Buoyed by their success in the Mazer Cup, Sims and Myers decided to formally incorporate as a business. Two Warriors Meadery formally opened in the north Louisiana city of West Monroe in early 2020.

Mead's roots run deep. Very deep, in fact — according to archaeological records, its origins date back thousands of years. The concept behind mead is simple; it's made by mixing fermented honey with water, and adding spices, grains and fruit. With so many possible variations, you could spend a lifetime making and trying different meads. Some that Two Warriors makes are from recipes dating back 800 years.

The varieties Two Warriors produces reflect its northern European origins. Try the Valkyrie's Flight, a semi-sweet traditional mead. Or sample the Light of Valhalla, an oak-aged traditional dry mead. Bobby's Bochet, made according to a French recipe from the 14th century, combines honey that is cooked down until it turns nearly black, and Madagascar vanilla beans. Two Warriors' best-selling mead, Oden's Love, is a spiced variety that goes great in cocktails.

Besides the award-winning flavors of Two Warriors' meads, the company is unique for its dedication to local farmers and local veterans. Sims and Myers are proud to headquarter their meadery in northern Louisiana, and show that by sourcing fruits and spices from local farmers and producers — you won't find chemical additives in these bottles.

Another local tie-in: Veterans. Sims and Myers are both disabled servicemembers, and donate a portion of Two Warriors' sales to organizations that support men and women in uniform.

Two Warriors is open to visitors, so stop by its West Monroe production facility for a guided tour and to pick up a bottle of Louisiana-made honey wine.