Wildcat Brothers Distilling

The story of Wildcat Brothers Distilling may be the most unorthodox tale this side of the Bayou. 

The Wildcat Brothers adhere to a meticulous, small-batch method to produce a rum like no other. As a lawyer (Wildcat Brothers' chief distiller and founder David Meaux) and a Ph.D. behavioral scientist (president and CEO Tait Martin), the duo asked themselves, “What’s the difference between that $7 bottle of liquor and that $70 bottle of craft liquor?"

Our curiosity led to research. Research evolved into practice. Practice flowered into passion. Passion grew into awards. Awards grew into fans. Before long, Wildcat Brothers' rum was drawing patrons from as far away as France to friends right down the road.

Wildcat Brothers is the first distillery in Acadiana, running its still since 2011. Its rums are produced by hand in small batches with no importation of foreign molasses or sugarcane byproducts — just the way it should be. And people have taken notice as Wildcat Brothers' Sweet Crude rum won the distinguished Washington Cup Award within just a few years of production.

In early 2020, Meaux and Martin purchased Gator Cove Seafood Restaurant. For decades, the property has had the hearts of locals and tourists alike as a place for crawfish boils and alligator sightings. Eventually the business partners plan to open a craft cultural center on site. 

If you love locally produced, Louisiana-born rum, visit Wildcat Brothers' distillery and look out for its future expansion at Gator Cove.