Three Roll Estate

Among the numerous Louisiana distilleries incorporating local sugar cane into their rums, Baton Rouge-based Three Roll Estate stands out.

Start with the history of where Three Roll Estate's source product is grown. Alma Plantation, in nearby Pointe Coupee Parish, has been actively harvesting and refining sugarcane continuously since 1844, and was owned by one of the state’s wealthiest sugar barons, Julian Poydras. Three Roll Estate's distillery is located on-site, at the plantation — a unique aspect of their operation.

The fields where Three Roll Estate’s rum are born may be among the oldest, but they produce some of the freshest product. Rhum Agricole is Three Roll Estate's flagship product and is a rare form of rum made from the first pressing of cane juice. 

Three Roll Estate’s other products include Parade Spiced Rum, which brings together subtle flavors of vanilla and the terroir of Alma Plantation. Parade Rum Argenté is Three Roll Estate’s take on a Cuban light rum that’s been filtered five times.

Red Stick Cinnamon Rum pays homage to the town where Three Roll is headquartered (Baton Rouge is French for “red stick”). It’s an awesome mixer, adding a little spice to your favorite specialty cocktail.

And while Three Roll Estate may be best known for its rum offerings, there are more spirits in store. Its Shindig Vodka incorporates raw Alma Plantation sugar, filtered and distilled numerous times to make an incredibly smooth taste. Finally there’s OMFW, short for Original Mississippi Floated Whiskey, whose fascinating backstory involves whiskey-filled barrels floating down the Mississippi from Tennessee to New Orleans. It’s a spirit with personality.

You can learn about the distilling process in person on a tour of Three Roll Estate, headquartered in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge. After learning about the history of cane production in Louisiana and how Three Roll Estate’s liquors are made, you’ll enjoy samples of rums, vodka and whiskey.