Bayou Terrebonne Distillers

The sign on Bayou Terrebonne Distillers’ building reads “Tradition - Uncompromised.” That says a lot about the Houma-based company. The story of Bayou Terrebonne Distillers begins during Prohibition, when the founders' grandmother, Lily Lirette, made moonshine to support her family. Fast-forward nearly a century to 2017, and the family recipe is back.

The distillery is located on the banks of Bayou Terrebonne, housed in a renovated 1921 shrimp processing plant. There, the team makes small-batch white whiskey (named Contraband in honor of grandmother Lily) and Good Earth, a barrel-aged bourbon named for the English translation of Terrebonne. Louisiana corn is used in the distilling process, and the stills themselves were crafted locally.