Atelier Vie

Bottle by bottle, Atelier Vie is slowly moving up in the world of Louisiana’s locally made spirits. The New Orleans-based distillery, founded in 2011, has been producing vodka, gin, rum, brandy and that most fabled of liquors, absinthe.

Distilling absinthe is a natural choice for Atelier Vie, considering the drink’s ties to New Orleans history. On Bourbon Street in the French Quarter, you’ll find a 200-year-old bar known as The Old Absinthe House. Atelier Vie produces two varieties; the traditional green absinthe and the red absinthe, colored and flavored with hibiscus flowers.

In October 2014, Atelier Vie celebrated a milestone, uncorking its first barrel of whiskey. In the years since, Atelier Vie has established itself as one of the most versatile distilleries in Louisiana, with offerings as diverse as single malt whiskey, barrel-aged Calio Rum (distilled from Louisiana molasses), Orphan Street Brandy and Orphan Street Bourbon. These, as well as the other liquors made daily at Atelier Vie, live up to founder Jedd Haas's motto, "Liquor is art you can drink."