Zony Mash Beer Project

Zony Mash Beer Project is a place for every kind of beer lover. If you want something more traditional and less hoppy to go along with your burger, they've got it. And if you want something a little more adventurous, they've got that too.

Just look at some of the previous ingredients from Zony Mash's beer menu. King of Carrot Flowers, true to its name, is a sour with a rich and refreshing flavor, made with actual carrots and tangerines. Other sours on the menu incorporate flavors of passion fruit and guava (Buggin' Out) and pineapple (Dandy Candy). At the other end of the spectrum, you'll find Pillow Talk, a more traditional IPA, and Tiny Bubbles, a smooth Australian sparkling ale. There are many more beers on Zony Mash's menu, too, ranging from milkshake IPAs to Kölsch to stouts.

Tastefully decorated, with an expansive bar, fermentation tanks and room for a stage, the taproom has a fun and eclectic vibe. The brewery also hosts a variety of food trucks, plus live concerts and comedy performances, yoga and open-air markets.