The Seventh Tap Brewing Project

The Seventh Tap Brewing Project was born of a passion for homebrewing and a competitive spirit. 


Its three founders, Jose Cardenas, Colby Miller and Samuel Norton, met through a Shreveport homebrewing group in 2014. After some tinkering with recipes and honing their craft, the trio entered into some brewing competitions, gradually learning more while at the same time earning acclaim for the skills they would eventually bring to The Seventh Tap.


“It was such a farfetched dream,” says Cardenas, who divides his time between work at the brewery and at a Shreveport-Bossier City area hospital. “After a while though, at competitions, we realized we were doing better than these guys that already had breweries.”

So, of course, they started their own.

At The Seventh Tap’s headquarters, located just a five-minute drive south of downtown Shreveport, you’ll find an ever-changing selection of beers on tap, as well as a single flagship brew called Don Pablo — a Mexican lager with a crisp flavor and a dark, malty color.

“Every day you come into the brewery, we want to have different things for our customers to try,” says Cardenas. “We like messing with different hops and hop variations. Our thing is to always push boundaries a bit. Trying something crazy, something new. We do like to do some traditional stuff, and sometimes mix old with new.”

The Seventh Tap’s taproom, which opened in May 2021, is filled with custom-made light fixtures, flooring and taps, and features murals by local artists.

“We try to incorporate as much ‘local’ as possible,” Cardenas says. “The beer we’re making — that’s our craft, but then we also work with people in the community, whether it’s local artists doing our can labels, or local musicians playing shows, we want to showcase other people’s talents and help others out.”

Stop by The Seventh Tap for a night out with locals and visitors alike. On the taproom’s expansive patio and beer garden, you’ll find bands performing, guest chefs serving up fine local cuisine, and lots of customers having conversations with pints in hand.