Second Line Brewing

Second Line Brewing, located in New Orleans’ thriving Mid-City neighborhood, was founded not out of a love of home brewing, but rather, out of concern for the environment.

“It basically started because we were throwing away beer cans,” says Mark Logan, chief operating officer of Second Line. He adds, “My wife and I were living in Alaska, and there was no aluminum recycling program there. I didn’t like throwing away cans, and my friend had a kegerator, so we began making our own beer.”

Logan’s background as a molecular biologist helped him figure out the mechanics of home brewing, and when he and his wife moved to her native New Orleans in 2014, they made themselves part of the local brewing community.

The Logans arrived as the state’s brewery renaissance was well underway. “There’s a movement in craft beer to make it more accessible to more people,” Logan notes, and that has resulted in more people trying beers that they may have shied away from previously. The era of what Logan calls “dark beers with bizarre names” that may have intimidated casual beer drinkers has subsided.

Notably, most of Second Line Brewing’s beers don’t have names at all. “When someone asks what kind of pale ales we have, I don’t want to tell them some funky name,” Logan says, adding that the beers should speak for themselves. The two named brews Second Line Brewery carries are its American ale, Batture, and a red ale named after the streetcar line the runs on Canal street just a few blocks from the brewery called Route 47 Red.

You can find these styles at other breweries, sure, but what you won’t find is the abundance of local ingredients. Logan says, “There’s a huge bounty of agricultural products available, and for me it’s an opportunity to come up with new styles and to see what sticks to the wall,” so to speak.

For the Second Line Brewing team, operating a neighborhood brewery is about more than making great beer, it is also about celebrating and supporting our community. As a women-, veteran- and minority-owned business, Second Line Brewing stands committed to promoting the principles of diversity, inclusion and equality within the craft beer industry and our community.

Stop by Second Line Brewing to taste one of these Louisiana-centric beers, and stick around for dinner as well. Local food trucks are a regular fixture near the brewery’s outdoor beer garden.