Red River Brewing

Robert McGuire, Jared Beville, and Beau Raines founded the Red River Brewing Company near downtown Shreveport. Before Red River Brewing, it had been over a century since Shreveport had a brewery it could claim as its own. On a mission to change that and bring quality local beer to their fellow Louisianans, the trio finally took the operation to commercial brewery status in the fall of 2013, and now their nano-brewery is supplying some of Shreveport’s favorite brews.

The three founders of the brewery all play unique roles in its operations. Robert McGuire, a science teacher by trade, is the brewmaster of the group. He applies his knowledge of science to the art of making great beer. Jared Beville took the idea to start the brewery and turned it into a business. Beau Raines is the resident hop head and mechanical engineer. The group also relies on the help of other local homebrewers and business partners to make Red River a true community brewery. And perhaps they are on to something because the community brews some outstanding beer.

Red River wanted to make beers with personality that could also fit with the rest of the flavor profiles of Louisiana. They began with the Hay Ryed, an American wheat ale brewed with a hint of rye and hops. The beer is perfect for enjoying the outdoors throughout the long Louisiana summers. It partners perfectly with a traditional crawfish boil or grilled fish. The River Monster is Red River’s answer to the hop lovers among us. The American pale ale is packed with two-row malt but combines that with a generous portion of hops that give it a citrus and spicy bitterness as well. They aim for an aggressive but drinkable flavor profile so that nobody has to be afraid of the Monster, but it still packs a mean bite.