Old Rail Brewing

Mandeville’s Old Rail Brewing Company is a pioneer in Louisiana’s craft beer world. Not only for its inventive brews (of which there are plenty), but also because it’s one of the only true brewpubs in the state. At Old Rail, you can enjoy fresh Louisiana-caught speckled trout while sipping a pint of ale that was made just a few steps away from your table.

Old Rail is the brainchild of Nick and Andrea Powers, the owners of another popular draft house on the Mandeville lakefront, The Barley Oak. When Powers and his team poured the brewery’s first pints in 2013, they were tapping into a statewide craft beer scene that was at the early stages of a bona fide renaissance.

“We’re seeing people coming in here from Minnesota and California, who are traveling across the country making brew pubs part of their trip,” says Matthew Horney, the brewmaster at Old Rail.

Visitors to Old Rail will find beers that you won’t see anywhere else. The Zest Fest Blood Orange Black IPA is just one example. It is made with blood oranges grown at Little River Citrus Company, a grower located on the outskirts of New Orleans.  Horney and his crew add them to a dark IPA, creating a beer that the brewmaster describes as “a little roasty, a little fruity.”

Show up at Old Rail Brewing Company and see how the Zest Fest and other craft beers are made. Be sure to ask about the rare Russian Imperial Stout and the Anniversary Barleywine — both are aged in Jack Daniels whiskey barrels. There are no formal tours, but Horney says that he would be happy to show visitors the operation whenever he’s around. “Just ask for me,” he says.