Brieux Carré Brewing Company

Brieux Carré founder and brewer Robert Bostick calls Brieux Carré “the biggest little brewery in the U.S.” His claim may be true: at only 400 square feet, Bostick’s business in New Orleans’ Marigny neighborhood is smaller than other breweries’ gift shops.

The cozy vibe adds to Brieux Carré’s charm. Bostick, who was once Brieux Carré’s sole employee, relishes his role as the small fish in the ever-expanding pond of breweries in the Crescent City.

He’s foregoing flagship beers in favor of making small, experimental batches. “With a smaller system like ours, we can turn out new beers every four days,” Bostick says, adding “We don’t want to get too comfortable.”

This means Bostick can play with nontraditional ingredients (ever heard of a jalapeno-cilantro pale ale?), and relying on immediate customer feedback to determine what he’ll brew next. Examples of what Briex Carré might be brewing: A weizenbock called Vices & Virtues; the Frenchmen bier du garde; the Baltic porter; and the first good beer Bostick began producing, called Falcon Warrior IPA.

Visit Brieux Carré’s website for the latest updates on what’s brewing, and to contact Bostick about touring the brewery. “The tour is simple,” he says. “You don’t walk around — you can stand in one spot and see the whole thing!”