Landry Vineyards

North Louisiana’s premier winemaker, Landry Vineyards, has been going strong since its arrival in West Monroe a decade ago. Its history actually goes back a few years earlier, when Jeff and Libby Landry began growing grapes in the Northshore area town of Folsom. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the family relocated to the rolling hills of north Louisiana, and has turned the homegrown operation into a thriving 20-acre site that includes a winery, vineyards and a tasting room.

The Landrys’ first effort was a white European-American hybrid grape known as Blanc du Bois. Bottles of it are still sold in Landry Vineyards’ tasting room and online, as are more than a dozen others.

Traditionalists will enjoy the Syrah and Merlot varietals, while more adventurous connoisseurs should try the blueberry Merlot, peach muscadine and a one unforgettably-named wine that Landry Vineyards’ website says “captures the true character of the wild muscadine grape”—Redneck Red. You can also find homemade jellies at the tasting room, with flavors that are similar to the wines. Pick up a jar of Cabernet wine jelly or one of five other flavors during your visit.

Before your visit, be sure to check Landry Vineyards’ website for their concert schedule. The company hosts blues, zydeco, rock and R&B artists to serenade wine lovers on the outdoor stage, making for an unforgettable night among the vines.