1827 Spirits

Located in the Mississippi River town of Vidalia, Louisiana, the products of 1827 Spirits are the stuff of legends! It's the first legal distillery in Concordia Parish in more than 100 years. 

The quartet of Finley Hootsell, Chuck Bearden, Kyle Greer and Wendall Gibson are the masterminds behind this relative newcomer to the Louisiana distillery scene. 1827 Spirits also received the Louisiana Department of Agriculture Certified Louisiana product designation in October 2021 which recognizes Bayou state made, grown, processed or manufactured products. When you visit 1827 Spirits, you can rest assured you'll have an authentic Louisiana experience.

The distillery's namesake comes from a local tale in which Jim Bowie, of The Battle of the Alamo fame, witnessed a duel that escalated into a massive brawl near Vidalia on September 19, 1827. Legend has it that Jim Bowie, although shot and stabbed, was able to qualm the dispute.

Today, 1827 Spirits produces a delicious line of SandBar Duel rums and moonshine utilizing sugar and molasses from cane grown and processed in Louisiana. With smooth products like silver, spiced and flavored (think apple pie, coconut and pineapple) rums, you'll enjoy a fun time tasting in the former pawn shop location and leave a tasty souvenir of Louisiana to commemorate your Vidalia visit. Stay tuned for gin and whiskey products which are coming soon.