Parish Brewing Company

Andrew Godley is not just a man who wants to make beer; he wants to make great beer. He started the Parish Brewing Company out of his garage and now cannot keep up with demand.

Godley jokes when he talks about the opening of his own brewery. He never fails to mention the fact that the conversation sparking the idea for Parish Brewing Company took place because of a limited beer menu at a not-to-be-named national Italian eatery. With a background in chemical engineering, Godley also had an interest in entrepreneurship. He needed to be passionate about something first, however, and that something was beer.

During the past few years, the Broussard-based facilities have grown for Parish, and new markets have been tapped due to the increase in equipment and hands. The brewery now has multiple employees, making Godley glad he is not back in the early days when he was alone with empty kegs and some sanitizer. Each employee is dedicated to the preservation of Parish’s quality and reputation. The company’s flagship brew is Canebrake, a refreshing wheat ale brewed with Steen’s Cane Syrup from nearby Abbeville. The cane syrup adds an interesting sweetness with just a hint of unique bitterness, giving Canebrake a character that is ideal for the craft beer novice and veteran.

While Canebrake takes up more than 90 percent of the brewing capacity at Parish, Godley has made sure to work in some more beers that really get him and his fan base excited. In 2012 Parish released the first version of their Grand Reserve, an annually released bottle-conditioned barley wine. On the day it was released in south Louisiana, a frenzy of craft beer enthusiasts flocked to stores to try to get their hands on a 750-milliliter bottle as soon delivery trucks arrived. Each year is sure to draw the same level of enthusiasm. Godley has also released his Farmhouse IPA in large bottles, attracting more buzz and supplying the public with yet another sensational brew. Parish Envie, an American pale ale, is also on the market as Parish’s second full-time brew. Envie is a Cajun word for “craving.”

Brewery tours are available on site in Broussard Saturdays from noon until 3 p.m. and include a complimentary tasting. Merchandise is available during the tours. Parish also has a tasting room where visitors can stop by anytime for a pint, a six pack or a growler fill.