Great Raft Brewing

The Great Raft Brewing Company is named after the historic Great Raft of the Red River. The logjam made the river impossible to navigate until Captain Henry Shreve and the US Army Corps of Engineers removed tens of millions of cubic feet of cypress, cedar, and petrified logs from the river channel in the 1830s. The clearing of the Great Raft opened the Red River back up to ships, industry, and agriculture. Just as Shreveport enjoyed a commerce boom due to the work of Captain Shreve, Andrew and Lindsay Nations are optimistic that the birth of their north Louisiana brewery can be a launching pad to brew a new breed of business.

Andrew, who has a background in project management, developed a love for craft beer in Washington DC. After contributing to for a while, he eventually purchased the website and ran it himself. With more knowledge about beer and five years of home brewing experience, he made the decision with his wife, Lindsay, to return home to Shreveport and start a brewery. Both Andrew and Lindsay have a deep passion for the art of beer. As Cicerone Certified Beer Servers, their level of beer enthusiasm runs deep, and it translates into the lagers and ales that they brew.

Joined by Chief Brewer Harvey Kenney and Chief of Quality Control Charles Dempsey, Andrew and Lindsay opened Great Raft to great fanfare in 2013. Kenney has brewing experience in California, Turkey, Mexico, and most recently at the Thunder Road Brewing Company outside Melbourne, Australia.

They started with the Southern Drawl Pale Lager, a hop-forward lager that maintains a crispness and clarity that any beer drinker can enjoy. Reasonably Corrupt, a Schwarzbier, is a dark and toasty black lager with an edge of sweetness that adds great depth. Finally, the Commotion Pale Ale boasts a nice citrus aroma and flavor profile with grapefruit-like hop bitterness rivaling the natural sweetness from the wheat. Great Raft has several other beers that they've be toying with as well from a Coffee Brown to the Ermagherd Hops Double IPA.

The Great Raft tasting room is typically open from 4-8 PM on Thursdays and Fridays and on Saturdays from 12-8 PM. Stopping in is definitely recommended as the tasting room provides an excellent space to share a few pints as well as get a view of the brewery itself. The renovated warehouse captures a feeling of modern urban revival with plenty of charm that will make you want to stay and enjoy. Sometimes you’ll even find beers on tap at the brewery that aren't available at nearby bars and restaurants or food trucks in the parking lot ready to feel hungry beer connoisseurs. Taking a trip to Shreveport on the Louisiana Brewery Trail is definitely worth it for the state’s newest brews.