Cajun Brewing

Cajun Brewing was founded on the idea of making quality beer that pairs with the kinds of dishes that made south Louisiana famous. Gumbo, étouffée, crawfish, blue crab — if you have a taste for Cajun flavor, chances are Cajun Brewing has a beer for you.

“We’re Cajuns, man,” says Zeke Bossley, owner and president of the Lafayette-based company. “People here have a refined palate. Anything that you can cook, we can cook it better. So if you’re going to brew a beer around here, you’d better be able to pair it with anything we do.”

Take Cajun Brewing’s most popular beer, Cajun WIT. This is a light, unfiltered wheat-based ale with a mild citrus flavor. According to Bossley, it’s a good introduction to the world of craft beers for the as-yet uninitiated. Other brews include the Bayou Brunette, a dark beer with a strong malty flavor and slightly hoppy bitterness; and the German-style lager Freetown Helles, named for one of Lafayette’s historic neighborhoods. Visit Cajun Brewing’s website to see a list of bars and restaurants in and around Lafayette, Baton Rouge and Lake Charles that carry these beers. 

Bossley started, as many brewery founders do, with a homebrew kit and a dream. After touring a brewery in Vancouver in 1999, he joined the local homebrew club (called the Dead Yeast Society), read hundreds of books on the subject, and got to the point where he was showing other beer enthusiasts how to build their own breweries.  

Bossley's long-term goal is to establish Cajun Brewing in south Louisiana markets, and then, he says, "start combing the countryside across Louisiana." You can visit Cajun Brewery's taproom and tour their beer-making operation near downtown Lafayette, to try the flagship beers as well as small-batch varieties you'll find nowhere else. Check out their Facebook page for the latest news and info.