Bayou Teche Brewing

Bayou Teche stretches 125 miles through the heart of Acadiana. Once a thriving waterway that provided transportation and food for settlers from the prairie to the Gulf, the Teche now is a symbol of heritage that snakes its way from Krotz Springs to Morgan City. In fact, "teche" is the word for snake from the Chitimacha tribe of Native Americans who originally settled much of the area. The town of Arnaudville rests along Bayou Teche, and in this Cajun community, you will find handcrafted beers inspired by eclectic Cajun cuisine. 

Bayou Teche beers are distributed throughout Louisiana and Texas. The beers are branded by the sign for La. Hwy. 31, a state highway that follows Bayou Teche from Opelousas south to New Iberia. The flagship beer for the Knott brothers is Bière Pâle, symbolized by the green LA31 label or tap handle. Classified by the brewery as a Louisiana Pale Ale, this is the beer they designed to pair with all local cuisine. Using Belgian malts and American hops and yeast, LA31 Bière Pâle is a unique brew that represents Acadiana. It can pair with boiled crawfish or cochon de lait, and it goes especially well with red beans and rice or jambalaya. Other beers from the brewery include Swamp Thing IPA, Cinco De Bayou Mexican Style Lager, DDH Cocodrie IPA, Big Fatty IPA, Techeticles IPA and Ragin' Cajuns Ale.

You can often find events or cookouts going on at the Bayou Teche brewery.  Other seasonal beers are brewed regularly and when you visit the brewery, Bayou Teche is likely to have a brew or two only available on site. Also located on-site at Bayou Teche Brewing is The Cajun Saucer Wood Fired Pizza kitchen, which offers authentic wood-fired pizzas created with love and devotion. Private tours of the brewery are available and can be booked on the brewery website. Brewery merchandise is also available online and on-site.